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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
We’re based in Australia - Canberra to be exact. We make and ship strings and other products all over the world, though, so get in touch if you’re interested in anything. International shipping cost for strings is usually $4 AUD. It goes up slightly if you buy more than 2.
Shipping takes around 2 weeks the US, 3 weeks to Canada and a week to Asia. Other countries may vary. Tracking numbers are generally not provided as they are prohibitively expensive.

How do I order?
Simply click on the product you would like and then click ‘add to cart’. You’ll then go to an order form where you will enter a few details that we need, including the colours you want. Get in touch if you’re not sure.

What is your lead time
Our lead time (time it takes from receiving an order to dispatching the order) is around 5 days on average, but does go up and down at times depending on how busy we are.

What colours do you stock?
If you click on one of the products (Dynaflight97 string, etc), an order form will appear where all of the available colours will display. You can view colours without committing to order a string.

What do you need from me to make a string?
The most important parameter we’ll need is the existing string length (if you have one). To measure, simply string your bow up and ensure the brace height is set correctly. The brace height is the distance between the inner part of the grip and the string. Then, measure the total length of the string, including the loops, while it’s on the bow. It can be a little challenging for recurves where the string curves around, but do your best to get an accurate measurement. This helps us to determine the exact length your string needs to be.
Other details we’ll need are whether the bow is a recurve, longbow or horse bow, what colours you’d like, etc. All of this information is set out in our order form to make things easy.

Are your strings pre-stretched?
Yes, our strings are stretched to a few hundred pounds and left to sit for at least an hour. This ensures minimal shoot-in time once you get your string. The strings are waxed, served and ready to shoot. There are two adjustable nocking points in place ready for tuning.
There will be an instruction sheet including with your string for further details.

Will you tie-in my string silencers?
Yes! If you buy string silencers when you buy a string we’ll assume you’d like them attached. Let us know if that’s not the case.