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Temporary store closure - April

Tom McDonald

Hi everyone,

We’ll be closing the store from Monday April 8 until Monday April 29. We’ll be travelling for that period and won’t be able to complete any orders. Any orders made up until the 8th will be shipped before the 15th of April.

Thanks for all the support!

Tom and Trace.

Tusker broadheads

Tom McDonald

Hi all,

We’re now restocked with single bevel Tusker Aztecs in both 200 and 300 grain variants.

We also have 2 dozen Tusker Spirits in 125 grain weights for those who prefer a lighter broadhead.

As always, thanks for all the support!


Endless Loop Strings

Tom McDonald

G’day everybody,

The string orders keep coming in so thanks again for all your support - we’re grateful for all the support and encouragement!

I’m just finalising steps to start producing endless (or continuous) loop bowstrings. I have made and sent a few out for rigorous, real-world testing (as well testing them myself) so once I’m satisfied they meet our quality standards I’ll start selling them.

Endless loop strings are generally the preferred choice for the competitive recurve archer - they offer good stability and dependability. They are also good for horse bows and other Asiatic style bows that have large loops and other quirks.

The ones I’ve been testing in Dynaflight 97 have proven very stable and just as fast and quiet as equivalent Flemish twist strings.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



Some new colours

Tom McDonald

Hi all,

We’re back on deck and are making a few more strings.
We have some new colours in Dynaflight 97; gold and silver. We look forward to making some bling strings with these colours.
And in B55 we now have Royal Blue, classic Red and dark brown. These are nice colours and will look great on some older recurves and longbows.



Merry Chirstmas!

Tom McDonald

Hi all,

Thanks for a fantastic 12 months - we appreciate every single order and look forward to working hard again in 2019.

You may have noticed but our string prices have increased by about $5 per… Unfortunately due to a number of reasons including climbing supplier prices, we are forced to increase the final cost slightly to make this venture worthwhile into the future. We still make barely enough to continue the business/hobby so it’s not about trying to gouge you fine people. Get in touch if you want to know more.

We’ll be taking a break from about December 22 to December 29 - if you order anything during that period expect delays. If you’re desperate for a string (i.e. you’re going hunting and your dog ate your only one) get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

We have some exciting new colours arriving soon in both D97 and B55 so keep your eyes peeled.

Have a safe Christmas period and we’ll see you soon!


New colours on the way!

Tom McDonald

Hi guys,

Firstly, thanks so much for all the orders and the great reception we’ve received. We’re so grateful!

You might have noticed our stocks in BCY Dynaflight 97 dwindling a bit. Never fear! We have more colours coming, including a restocking of classic red, yellow, brown and purple, and a much needed resupply of black!

We’re also expecting some new colours in our BCY 62xs centre serving. So watch the products page in the coming days for more information.

Also, something even more exciting will be coming soon…